Housemates decided hot water was more important to them than Rex and Mohamed as they voted to keep the pair in Big Brother prison.

Rex and Mohamed spent most of the day in the Big Brother jail in the garden for talking about the audition process.

By 13:01 BST, the two had been locked up for 12 hours and 49 minutes. But when Big Brother asked housemates if they would like to set them free in return for a hot water token, the housemates voted no.

In the diary room, Luke said, "I'm speaking for majority … we can't go without water for two days. No way, they'll have to suffer."

He added: "It's a testament to certain housemates and their popularity. When Dennis and Jen went to jail a vast majority of the house went to talk to them, giving them drinks and food.

"What happens when Rex and Mohamed goes into jail it shows how popular they are when only two people (Kat and Rachel) vote to get them out."

Eventually, Big Brother let the pair go at 15:09 BST. Rex said: "I've learned that hot water is more important to the housemates than having us around".

The housemates were also set this week's task, to recreate the iconic pop video from Ok Go and their single Here it goes again where band members perform a dance routine of treadmills in one continuous take.

Housemates were told to allocate four dance members, a choreographer, make-up artist and wardrobe person. Rebecca was keen, but Mario told her: "No offence Becky, but you need a good level of fitness."

Housemates up for eviction this week are Sylvia and Mohamed.

26/06/2008 00:01:00