Even a giant cookie was not enough to ease the fraught atmosphere in the divided Big Brother house this weekend.

Cookie fan Kathreya made the biscuit alongside professional chef Rex, who continued to attract criticism from housemates after Friday morning's massive row.

The main mouthpiece of the house's hostility to Rex continues to be Rebecca, who called him a "p***k" and "the biggest male chauvinist I've ever met".

"I'm sorry Rex but I really can't stand you… I really can't take you anymore and I would appreciate it if you just stayed away from me," she continued.

Rex went on the offensive in the diary room in response to the remarks. He accused Jennifer of stirring, Dale of mindlessly backing Jennifer and Rebecca of argument-seeking.

"It's unbearable living in the Big Brother house … it's ridiculous, a nightmare," he told Big Brother.

Perhaps a sight-based task might take their collective eyes off the disunity ball. Housemates are working in pairs, with one directing the sightless other around the house. Mikey – who is blind – is assisting and advising.

Kat has been struggling to cope with the emotional fraughtness of the situation, however. She was told off for singing "happy house, happy house" repeatedly and, by the middle of the weekend, was bursting into tears at tension in the house. Emergency cookies needed, please.

29/06/2008 22:00:00