The five remaining Big Brother housemates have reacted with surprise at reaching the final of the ninth series.

Mohamed Mohamed and Kathreya Kasisopa were evicted from Big Brother 9 on Tuesday, with three days remaining in the series.

And Mikey Hughes, Sara Foladi, Rex Newmark, Rachel Rice and Darnell Swallow are now the only housemates left in the ninth series of the Channel 4 reality show.

Following Mohamed and Kathreya's exits, Mikey said he would not have expected the final five to be comprised in this way while in still attempting to make amends after he was reprimanded for calling her an "ugly b***h", Darnell remarked on Sara making the final despite joining the show well into the competition.

"I'm shocked Rachel outdid Kathreya," added Rex.

The housemates later enjoyed a luxury hamper including alcohol, cheese and chocolate as a reward for completing a task in which they had to impersonate their fellow housemates.

The five continued to react with shock to reaching the final, with Darnell saying: "I can't believe this s**t" while Rachel expressed her guilt at remaining in the house as "according to the others she is the 'most boring housemate'."

However, Rex reminded the group they should not be sad and down for the show's remaining days and promised to enjoy himself throughout the week.

Sitting the garden that evening, Rex and Darnell discussed reaching the final, with the latter revealing he is content as "people like me"

"I don't need no money dude, people like me," he added.

03/09/2008 22:01:01