Big Brother housemates learned on Tuesday night their task this week will be to recreate the iconic music video for Here It Goes Again from US band Ok Go.

The video, which received 35 million hits on YouTube, sees the band's four members 'dance' on treadmills in one continuous take throughout the duration of the song.

Four housemates taking part in the dancing aspect of the task will be required to learn the same routine and perform it by making no more than four mistakes to avoid a daily food budget of £1.

The task room containing four treadmills for the dancers to practice on will be available until late afternoon tomorrow, but will be closed overnight.

Three other housemates – one responsible for choreography, another for hair and makeup and another for costumes – will participate in the task.

Housemates' attempt at recreating the Here It Goes Again dance routine – which took 17 attempts to film in one take – will be broadcast live on Big Brother's Little Brother at 19:30 BST tomorrow.

If three or fewer serious mistakes are recorded during the dance the housemates will win a luxury food budget of £5 each per day for a week.

25/06/2008 07:12:57