Noirin has been evicted from 'Big Brother' and immediately admitted leading Siavash on.

The Irish beauty lost out in the public vote to Marcus yesterday (31.08.09) and left the house to a chorus of boos after angering her fans over the way she dealt with her brief romance with the Iranian-born party planner.

After Norin had stunned the house - particularly Marcus, who openly had a crush on her - with her brief romance with Siavash, she was amazed this week when her ex-boyfriend Isaac joined the house, and swiftly insisted to him that she wasn't seriously interested in the snappy dresser.

Speaking to host Davina Mccall after leaving the house, she insisted she hadn't deliberately messed with anyone's feelings, but agreed she had been unfair to Siavash.

She said: "Did I lead Marcus on? No, definitely not. Siavash? Yes. Well, I did fancy him and I really, really liked him. I'm 25 years old, I'm single and free. Obviously I'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend, I didn't stop going on about him. Then I realised I didn't really fancy Siavash that much. I think I was just attention-deprived in that house.

"Maybe with Siavash there were mixed messages. Well, definitely with Siavash. With everyone else, I was just being friendly."

The 25-year-old retail manager went on to admit she deliberately used her sexuality to get her own way.

She added: "Sometimes if I need something done I might use it to my advantage, but then sometimes it just happens. Sometimes I'm not aware of what I'm doing, because I'm just a flirty person. It's hard sometimes to know if I'm just being flirty or if I do it on purpose."