LATEST: A pregnant contestant on the Dutch version of reality TV show Big Brother will not be allowed to give birth live on the programme, the Netherlands' Social Affairs Ministry has ruled.

Housemate TANJA, 27, joined the series last month (AUG05) when she was seven months pregnant, sparking an investigation by Dutch authorities in a country where children on television, film and stage are strictly regulated.

The Social Affairs Ministry said the amount of hours the unborn child will be able to appear on the screen following its birth will be heavily restricted.

The Ministry's statement reads, "The mother of the child that stays in the Big Brother house will have free access to the baby's room. The same goes for a care-giver who is not part of the show, presumably one of the (child's) grandmothers."

Production company Endemol insists Tanja and the child will receive excellent medical care while in the house.