Having been introduced to the Big Brother house on Friday night, Gerry is already moaning about the possibility of more newcomers.

The 31-year-old gallery researCher from south London made the comments in conversation with the only two other male contestants in the heavily-female dominated house.

Observing the nine empty spaces on the wall which could be filled with portraits of new housemates in the coming weeks, Gerry made clear his opposition was very specifically to more men.

"I cannot stand nine more men into the House," he said definitively.

"I hate the possibility, I'm terrified. Bonding with nine males in this environment. With all their fears and complexes. Can you imagine? What a nightmare."

The leather-loving Greek's own fears clashed with those of Ziggy and fellow newcomer Seany, who said the prospect of more male company did not bother him.

In particular Ziggy  who after enduring a week of being the only male looked upon the advent of more men as a relief  viewed the entrance of more men as not something to worry about.

"This is what's happening. They bring in the women, then one guy, then two more, so that's the three most important guys then, another and another. They could bring in five guys in one night," he mused.

10/06/2007 17:20:11