The three new additions to the Big Brother house, Sara Folino, Maysoon Shaladi and Belinda Harris-Reid, have spent their first weekend on the show.

The trio joined the house on Friday night following the eviction of Jennifer Clark.

And speaking to Maysoon, a 28-year-old model, while sharing a cigarette on their first morning in the house, 27-year-old PA Sara said that they should 'stick together' as older, single girls.

"It's going to be harder for us, at least we have each other," she added.

Mario Marconi and Luke Marsden later introduced themselves to theatre director Belinda, 44, in the garden.

Student Luke told Belinda that he and Mario are "good Catholic boys" and that he [Luke] does not drink, smoke or swear, adding: "I just don't agree with it personally, I feel I don't need to get plastered."

Belinda, a mother-of-two, then told Luke that her "funny thing" is that she has worn only black and white clothes for the past 15 years.

She explains that she decided to "embrace all colours of the world" and that her personality would fill in the colour.

"I can really see why you're on this show," Luke joked.

"With a line like that, I only wear black or white, my personality is the colour, I bet the producers loved you."

Meanwhile trainee teacher Dale Howard admitted he is pining for Jennifer since her eviction.

"It's not the same getting up and Jen not being here," he told Big Brother while in the diary room.

"I wish she hadn't gone. I would love the whole house to be up for eviction so it's a level playing field and then the public can decide who are the d**k heads are," he added.

07/07/2008 08:49:51