Mohamed Mohamed and Kathreya Kasisopa have been evicted from Big Brother 9 with three days remaining in the series.

Mohamed, a 24-year-old toy demonstrator, and Kathreya, 30, a masseuse, were not aware they were due to leave the house until Big Brother broke the news shortly after 22:00 BST.

The series is set to end on Friday yet Mohamed and Kathreya have both been evicted having been voted the least popular remaining housemates in a secret public vote.

And the pair left wearing white dressing gowns which they had used in an impersonation task.

After being showed a video montage following his eviction, Mohamed defended his reputation for having a big appetite.

"They were calling me 'greedy Mo' but I thought they meant it as a joke," he explained.

"I did not change because that's who I am and if there's food left over I will eat it, because there's other people in the world who are starving."

Mikey Hughes, Sara Foladi, Rex Newmark and Darnell Swallow are the four housemates left in the ninth series of the Channel 4 reality show.

Mikey is 6/5 favourite to win the £100,000 grand prize.

02/09/2008 23:48:11