Maysoon has walked out of the Big Brother house claiming she was never "100 per cent comfortable" on the show.

She only entered the house four weeks ago but claimed she wouldn't change anything about her time on Big Brother.

"They [Big Brother] asked me loads of questions. I never really got one hundred per cent comfortable in the house," she told the other female housemates last night.

"I'm happy with the month I did. I wouldn't change it."

Kat expressed her sorrow at Maysoon's decision saying: "What happened? I really like you!"

"We don't want you to go May," added Rachel.

Asked if she was sure she wouldn’t regret her decision when she watched the show on TV, Maysoon replied: "No. No. I want to watch you guys."

In recent days, Maysoon had come under considerable criticism from her fellow housemates regarding her audition tape.

31/07/2008 09:36:43