Celebrity hijackers Mathew Horne and James Corden have awarded the housemates a luxury hamper after the contestants joined in a group hug.

The Big Brother's Big Mouth presenters had embarked on a "hijack of love" after particularly harsh impressions of the nine remaining housemates were broadcast to the house.

The duo decided to create enough love among the contestants on the E4 reality show to convince them to hug, with the mouthwatering hamper as a reward.

Circus performer Emilia Arata was given a massage by Gavin and Stacey star Mat, before R 'n' B singer Nathan Fagan-Gale was invited to join Mat and James in a rendition of The Thong Song.

The most sceptical housemates, conceptual artist Amy Jackson and racing driver Jeremy Metcalfe, were invited into the 'love room' as a pair, with Mat going for the direct route with Amy and telling her: "You're pretty much perfect."

When Amy and classical musician Calista Robertson realised the hijackers' continual efforts to butter them up could be part of a task, they convinced the rest of the house to join in a group hug, with the luxury food the eagerly-received reward.

"They're so nice!" cried Emilia as she opened the box. "Biscuits and luxury cheese!"

"Belgian chocolate!" squealed professional dancer Latoya Satnarine, before young politician John Loughton shouted "Oh yeah!" after finding fillet steak and chips.

Emilia later professed that she was worried about how her friendship with Jeremy could be perceived by viewers.

"I'm scared they've made a romance out of me and Jeremy. I miss my boyfriend a lot," she told Amy.

21/01/2008 12:55:09