Freddie and Marcus are up for eviction.

The posh Oxford University graduate and the hairy carpenter will both face the public vote it was confirmed last night (11.08.09), with Marcus happy to be facing the boot from the 'Big Brother' house.

After hearing his name called, he said: "Let's get on then!"

For the first time on the reality show housemates had been allowed to discuss their nominations.

As soon as the new rule was declared Marcus began begging contestants to name him, saying he was ready to go home.

Charlie admitted the strategy had worked on him, saying: "I was gonna do Siavash and Freddie but Marcus really wanted to go."

Freddie (Halfwit), who was up for eviction four weeks in a row at the start of the series, seemed less happy about the news.

After being told they could discuss who they wanted to leave the house, the contestants were quick to oblige.

Both Lisa and Sophie (Dogface) admitted they were keen to see Marcus and Freddie leave, after the pair - joined by Siavash - broke out of prison, causing the house's luxury food budget to be confiscated.