Lisa won a basket of sweet treats for the 'Big Brother' housemates last night (10.06.09).

The 41 year old had her patience tested by Big Brother and was forced to sit in the middle of the garden for around two and a half hours - but her fellow contestants were unimpressed with her reward of sweets, chocolates, crisps and donuts after hoping for alcohol.

Returning from the diary room with her goodies, Lisa said: "I thought that when we done the task we got us a curry and that, but I think they've known I wanted sweets for the last couple of days."

She later revealed she was so desperate to win the task she would even have wet herself if it had gone on any longer as she had needed the toilet all the way through.

She said: "I'd have just wet myself in my jeans. I would have. They're not breaking me."

While Lisa proved the most patient, other contestants also had to prove themselves to win Big Brother's treats, Marcus proved strongest by ripping a phone book in half, Freddie - who officially renamed himself Halfwit to ensure his place in the Big Brother house - proved the most intelligent by remembering it was philosopher Descartes who said "I think therefore I am".

Angel was named most musical, but failed in her task to play traditional song 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.

She later told housemates: "We didn't learn at school 'Twinkle Star'."