Lisa wants to "disappear" when she leaves the 'Big Brother' house.

The chain-smoking lesbian is certain her five minutes of fame won't change her, insisting she'll "slip back into" her normal life.

Sitting in the garden with David, Lisa said: "I'll be glad to be out and seeing people now even though I'll miss it here.

"I wanna disappear. I wanna slip back into my normal little life as soon as I'm out. I'll be taking the bus down to the job centre just like normal as soon as I'm out."

David was less impressed with the prospect of returning to his previous life.

He said: "No it won't be like that. Our local radio stations will want to interview us about living in the house, being on the show."

Lisa disagreed, saying: "No, you just disappear. I'll just disappear."

The pair then speculated about the upcoming evictions, with both insisting they would be the next to go.

Lisa complained: "I think it will be me, but I'm happy anyway, just being here."