Lisa Wallace worked as a sex chat line operator.

The 'Big Brother' contestant - who is a lesbian and sports tattoos and a bright red Mohican - pretended to be a six-foot-tall blonde woman as she conducted erotic chat with men, and once won a holiday for taking the most calls in one shift.

Lisa's friend Lorraine Wall said: "It was just a job to her. She needed some quick cash and went into it because of that. People would phone up and talk dirty with her - while Lisa was sat in a dingy office with her feet up.

"You would think a skinhead lesbian like Lisa would hate that kind of thing or be upset by it, but it didn't bother her at all - she's up for anything."

The 41-year-old star held the job for eight months during her early 20s.

Lorraine also revealed Lisa - who boasted she is a "womaniser" when she entered the 'Big Brother' house, insisting she is able to sleep with any woman even if they are not gay - enjoys "wild" nights out and refuses to go Home Alone once she has set her sights on someone.

Lorraine told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "We have seen her go home with straight girls quite a few times. We once saw her talk to a friend of a friend in a bar. They were having a drink and before we knew it they had left to go back to hers."