Big Brother 9 housemates Lisa, Nicola and Sara are to face the public vote this week having amassed the most nominations from their fellow contestants.

Sales representative Lisa and student Nicole were each nominated four times while PA Sara received five nominations.

Nicole has made the headlines regularly since her arrival in the Big Brother house and her regular arguments with boyfriend Rex seem to have angered the other housemates with contestants citing her negativity and selfishness as their reason for nominating her.

"She hasn't been through all the stuff we went through to get here," said Darnell, who also nominated Sara.

"This is the end and this should be the fun times. We all got the speech from Rex that he wants to be here in the final with his girlfriend."

Mikey commented: "At the deep root of Nicole's personality I think she is quite selfish…I think she likes everyone running about after her."

And Lisa opined that Nicole "is quite negative about her experience in the Big Brother house."

"When you've been here and been through some of the things we've been through it would be a better atmosphere without Nicole," she added.

Sara was labelled fickle by Darnell and Mohamed while Rex labelled the Australian a "ship-jumper".

Lisa, meanwhile, will face eviction after housemates such as Rachel labelled her untrustworthy.

Voting lines will close during the live Channel 4 show on Friday August 22nd.

20/08/2008 08:22:39