Big Brother contestant Jonathan has left the house after being informed of the death of his grandmother.

Jonathan was called into the diary room last night where Big Brother informed him of the sad news.

He then told the other housemates, who expressed their sympathies, before telling Big Brother that he was going to leave the show.

According to Channel 4, Jonathan was taken to his family as soon as he left the diary room.

A short statement from Big Brother said simply that Jonathan had left "for personal reasons".

The 49-year-old founder and president of a media agency joined the Big Brother house along with Brian and Liam.

He had mentioned leaving the house before, but changed his mind after considering his position further.

The other housemates are continuing with their 'seven sins' task ahead of a possible eviction on Friday.

So far six housemates have left the Big Brother house, with only three leaving due to a public vote.

03/07/2007 15:44:35