Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack contestants John and Nathan have taken a break from tasks to discuss the problems of modern Britain.

Rising R 'n' B star Nathan Fagan-Gale and young politician John Loughton talked about the social climates in their communities, with 21-year-old Nathan arguing that "in places like Brixton, Peckham... there are people who have lots of potential... [but] if you give them something illegal to do they'll do it".

The Mobo-nominated singer told his fellow housemate that living abroad had helped him to aspire beyond the possible confines of his upbringing.

"I was lucky. I think it was the five years I spent in America," he said.

Twenty-year-old John, the chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament, agreed that "people are scared to break free from their community".

"In Edinburgh they're not building social housing anymore. The thing is, if you're socially excluded - why bother any more?

"For example, if Big Brother treats you badly, you want to get back at them."

Kelly Osbourne became the fourth celebrity to hijack the show last night, following in the footsteps of Matt Lucas, Ian Wright and Alan Cumming.

She treated the housemates to a goth-themed party, irritating Emilia Arata and Jeremy Metcalfe when they were forced to follow instructions on "moshing".

Racing champion Jeremy has bonded quickly with circus performer Victor Arata with the rest of the group angry at the pair for finishing off the alcohol provided for the party.

08/01/2008 12:06:49