John James threatened to quit the 'Big Brother' house last night (18.08.10).

The Australian was infuriated after his housemates told him Nathan - who returned to the compound with Rachael after the group were given the chance to bring back old friends - had said he would "need security at the wrap party" over "disrespectful" comments he had made about Rachael.

John James - who had earlier called the first evictee "fake" as she gave him a massage - said: "I was set up by Big Brother. Not only did they allow Rachael to come in, but they let Nathan watch at the f***ing window."

He later emphasised his desire to quit the house, saying: "This task is taking the f**king p**s. What is the point with me lingering around? I may as well get out there, see my family, find out what's happening, get my head around it. If I can't deal with it then I'll f**k off. I'm in a situation where I'm stressing about what's going on.

"I have to go, I can't stay here, seriously."

Meanwhile, Corin's delight at being joined by Nathan for a romantic date quickly changed when he revealed that he was now dating Rachael.

She said: "I can't believe you're seeing Rachael. I'm annoyed. Fancy bringing you in for a date, you're no good to me Nathan!"