Young politician John Loughton earned himself a free pass to the final of Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack last night.

The 20-year-old from Edinburgh was forced to embark on some bizarre behaviour during the launch show of the E4 series after celebrity hijacker Matt Lucas gave him secret instructions via an earpiece, which John concealed with a tartan hat.

The Little Britain star called John - the first to enter the house - to the diary room immediately and told him that if he was successful in following every instruction given to him, he would earn immunity from eviction throughout the series as well as winning a massive party for the new housemates.

John, the chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament, tackled his task with aplomb, telling classical musician Calista Robertson that he was able to "pick up any instrument and just play it" and that he had a talent for the kazoo.

The young Scot risked more than just his dignity as the third housemate, 19-year-old boxer Anthony Ogogo, entered, with Matt instructing John to stroke Anthony's hair and hug him.

Brother-and-sister circus performers Emilia and Victor Arata entered next, followed by champion racing driver Jeremy Metcalfe.

Under duress from Matt, John pulled Jeremy aside immediately to claim Emilia had kissed him passionately after entering the house.

John confused conceptual artist Amy Jackson by claiming to be a psychic and correctly guessing her hometown and university - thanks to Matt's in-ear instructions - while the arrival of professional dancer Latoya Satnarine was followed by an Irish jig from John.

After the entrance of R 'n' B singer Nathan Fagan-Gale, Matt told John to fall suddenly to the floor claiming "cramp" before asking a visibly-confused Nathan to rub his leg.

Matt then instructed John to exclaim "cake" at random intervals, comment on the haircut of internet entrepreneur Liam Young and ask fashion designer Jay Wilson if his beard was "stuck on".

But after almost 90 minutes of mortifying behaviour from John, celebrity hijacker Matt called the aspiring politico to the diary room and revealed he had passed the test with flying colours.

John's fellow housemates were watching via the plasma screen in the living area and cheered as the 20-year-old emerged.

"I'm so sorry everyone," John said on his return to the group. "I'm not a musician, I don't want to try on your clothes, I don't want cake!"

He added: "I'm not an absolute Scottish numpty and that's not my hat!"

04/01/2008 09:52:17