Four housemates are up for the chop in Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack this week after Joan Rivers chose contestants to face the public vote.

Circus performer Victor Arata was already nominated - for the second consecutive time - after Anthony Ogogo selected Victor following his defeat in the SAS task.

But after giving the housemates a scare by forcing them into their eviction outfits - only to set them a red carpet task - Joan sprung another surprise on the group by revealing she had chosen her nominees for eviction.

"I gotta tell you who I picked. It's not easy - it took me a good seven minutes!" she announced.

Racing driver Jeremy Metcalfe was the first name out of the hat, with Joan telling him: "I would like you to remember me as the person who gave you one last knock before your career took off. Stupid reason but f**k it!"

She continued: "Next one, this is killing me, is Liam [Young].

"The final one is Emilia [Arata]," Joan added. "I think you're fabulous, I think you're adorable. You're too nice and you're too good.

"I want you to get out in the real world and marry a rich man. If you're smart get a man with a heart condition, walk behind him, go boo and you'll be set for life."

The acid-tongued comedienne then bid goodbye to the housemates, wishing them well.

"If we ever see each other on the street, just cross over," she added.

16/01/2008 11:50:08