The Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack housemates were ordered to hit the red carpet yesterday as new hijacker Joan Rivers took the reins.

The US comedienne and TV presenter had initially scared the housemates by ordering them to put on their eviction outfits, raising fears that one of their number would be leaving the show earlier than expected.

Conceptual artist Amy Jackson became particularly concerned, telling her fellow contestants there would be "no point" in Joan quizzing the house and deciding that the show's producers had decided to "get rid" of some of the "young and gifted" group.

But Joan soon allayed the house's worries and explained that the task awaiting them was inspired by her regular interviewing stints on the red carpet.

Once the housemates had thrown together their eviction outfits, Joan told them: "OK guys, get ready. Line up by the door in single file. You go out and strut your stuff."

Professional dancer Latoya Satnarine was the first contestant to stroll down the red carpet, with hijacker Joan commentating: "Latoya strutting in her Mary J Blige look."

Young musician Calista Robertson followed, with Joan saying: "Lookinghot - looking a little like a lampshade - but a hot lampshade."

And Joan followed the lead of previous hijacker Chris Moyles by toying with Victor Arata, leaving the circus performer standing on his own while the rest of contestants were allowed to sit in the living area.

16/01/2008 11:24:59