Big Brother has passed the housemates on their Australian Bush tucker task, despite the fact that they got every single answer wrong.

The housemates were supposed to be matching up bizarre cuisine from down under with preposterous dish titles including conga eel roe, possum brain, porcupine pate and kookaburra marrow, in preparation for the arrival of Australian BB housemate Pauline.

In fact they were merely sampling choice morsels of haggis, tofu, salmon roe and veggie sausage, in preparation for the arrival of British actress Thaila.

Such is the nature of Big Brother's 'fake week' that in virtually everything the housemates are made to do they are being deceived.

The task went down well with the housemates, who were concerned that the food might not do the same.

Only Gerry appeared to be cynical about the truthfulness of what was being put on the plate in front of him.

"Did you eat it? Who eats that stuff?" he asked Tracey, who replied, intelligently, "Australians".

"They do not. I've never heard this in my life," Gerry said.

Whether he and the rest of the housemates will be able to rumble the real identity of 'Pauline', who arrives later today, remains to be seen.

08/07/2007 11:42:53