Corin, JJ, Josie and John James have planned a double date picnic in the 'Big Brother' house.

The foursome hatched plans for the romantic picnic after busty Corin - who is bisexual and is dating a woman outside the house - admitted to fancying newcomer JJ.

The Katie Price lookalike called the boxer into the bedroom to confess her feelings and try to clear the air.

She said: "These two, John James and Josie, are trying to make out that I fancy you. And yeah, you are fit. But these laugh and I feel embarrassed. I thought that rather than be embarrassed I'd get that off my chest."

Although JJ quickly left the room, retired body builder John James claimed he had "never seen Corin like this", and reassured her that JJ was just shy.

The foursome decided to plan a lunchtime picnic date, in a bid to see if romances will blossom, and Corin told Bristol-born Josie she thinks John James will finally make his move and kiss her if he has a few drinks.

She told Josie: "I think he just hasn't got the confidence."

Josie admitted she likes John James "too much", and got overexcited about the planned double date.

She said: "Let's make an effort. We're going on a proper date."

Josie continued: "Because John James is here, I never think anyone else is fit. I like him too much."

JJ showed his enthusiasm by suggesting the foursome should ask Big Brother for some supplies to make the picnic more special.

He said: "I think we should ask Big Brother for something special. A blanket and a bottle of wine.

Corin then decided that the foursome shouldn't talk to each other at all before the picnic so that they have "things to say to each other."