The Big Brother housemates have managed to pass their latest task, experiencing life without vision.

Housemates worked in pairs, chosen by Mikey, with one person blindfolded while the other lead them around the house, before switching round.

Daniel was paired with Luke and used the novel technique of picking his partner up and spinning him around the garden so he could work out where he was.

Jennifer partnered Mikey, who is blind in real life, and asked if it got tiring undertaking so many little tasks to get through the day.

Mikey replied it was and claimed it was the reason why he got so tired every day.

Mario described the task as an "exercise in empathy" and a "reality check" for housemates who now realised what life must be like for Mikey.

Later, Rebecca decided it was time for the Big Brother obligatory nudity and stripped down to her underwear for "a laugh" claiming she thought it would be funny.

01/07/2008 00:01:00