After 76 days of getting to know each other, Big Brother asked the housemates to reveal what they most disliked about one other contestant.

The housemates were asked to form a circle before starting the 'honesty' session in which they would reveal the worst personality
trait of the housemate sitting to their left

Youth health worker Carole, 53, kicked off the proceedings telling gallery researCher Gerry that his talkativeness was his worst trait.

She told Gerry that she couldn't stand his "incessant talking about your favourite subject, without a gasp for air."

It was then Gerry's turn to round on Tracey. He pointed out that Tracey's Pink hair was the worst thing about the self-confessed raver's personality.

The group told off the 31-year-old for thinking that hairstyle qualified as a character trait after which Gerry selected Tracey's bottom as his main objection to her.

Tracey then urged Ziggy to be more upbeat about life and the former boyband member then informed Jonty that he didn’t appreciate the 36-year-old avoiding him.

In a comment that perhaps revealed more about himself, Jonty, who was up for eviction last week, said he wasn't fond of how "gosh darn popular" Brian was.

Data entry clerk Brian then objected to the female housemates' preference for the colour pink, as he confessed his hate for the colour to Amanda and Sam.

It was the twins' turn next.

The blonde pair of students urged lothario Liam to not talk as much about "rumpy-pumpy sexy time", while he then jokingly told former halfway housemate Kara-Louise that he disliked the way she made the others feel guilty for nominating her.

Kara-Louise brought the confession session to an end by urging 53-year-old Carole to stop looking after her fellow residents so much and to "sit back" and let them take care of her.

Yesterday, Ziggy was given immunity ahead of this week's public vote after being ordained a 'guru'. All other housemates will be up for nomination.

14/08/2007 07:31:51