Housemates have started nominating for eviction.

After last week's surprise live eviction choices on Wednesday (24.06.09) - which lead to Angel's exit on Friday (26.06.09) - the 'Big Brother' contestants were confused as to when they would nominate this week.

Earlier today (29.06.09) there was speculation in the garden that 11 of them could be up for the vote with the public choosing who leaves.

This was dispelled around 12.45pm when Big Brother called the housemates to start nominating.

Kris had earlier tried to reassure the group about the looming elimination process, saying: "If you survive this week, you're not going up for eviction because people dislike you. It'll be for little niggly things.

"I'll be happy surviving this week and then we'll just see what happens. I think maybe they'll put everyone up."

Lisa agreed, saying she though it would be interesting to see who the public wanted to evict from the house.

Favourites for nomination to leave include Indian Student Sree, who many housemates have been complaining about, saying he is annoying them and Posh Oxford graduate Freddie -aka Halfwit - who has already survived being nominated for the last three weeks running.