The Big Brother: CELEBRITY HIJACK housemates woke up to a nasty surprise this morning- an empty fridge.

Conceptual artist Amy was the bearer of bad news as she told the other housemates: "The fridge is absolutely empty. Not one morsel of food. Not a scrap."

It soon emerged that the lack of sustenance was Anthony's fault, as the youngster had been disregarding the house rules.

The contestants received a missive reading: "Big Brother asks for housemates to respect the House as if it was their own".

The housemates felt this was directed at the boxer, who had been drawing on the walls.

"At which point do we kill Anthony?" asked Jay. "Lick my feet you dog," added Jeremy.

Meanwhile, politics enthusiast John has speculated that today's hijacker will be "an actress type singer thingy" after being woken up by THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS.

This proved to be an astute guess as the celebrity in charge of the house today will be TV golden girl and Broadway star Denise Van Outen.

17/01/2008 12:41:07