The 'Big Brother' housemates failed to increase their shopping budget with the third part of their task yesterday (17.06.10).

John James and Ife found themselves finalists in 'The Totally Rubbish Quiz' after seeing off competition from the Yellow team, Govan and Rachael, and the Blue team, Mario and Caoimhe, but the Australian hunk failed to break the Binyata that would have dropped a token representing extra money.

The housemates have been taking part in new game show formats with George Lamb to win their shopping money this week.

The final section of the task was split into three parts, with round one, General Scrummage, seeing the three teams given questions, with one participant standing in a bin filled with rubbish. They had to dig around in the trash to find the right answer and hand it to their teammate, with the Yellow team eliminated first.

The remaining couples moved on to 'Think While You Stink', where blindfolded contestants had rubbish poured on them and had to guess what it was, with John James and Ife proving most adept at the task.

However, in the Binyata round, despite answering five questions right, they were unable to break the trash-filled pinyata with their five swings and therefore failed the task.

Despite being disappointed at having just £200 to spend on shopping - which they won in the first two stages of the task the day before - the group tried to stay upbeat.

Pointing out they had the same to spend as last week, Nathan said: "We ate fine, didn't we? No point sulking about it."

Steve added: "Yeah, and if you think about it they'll be a person less next week."

The group were later cheered up when Big Brother gave them a TV dinner and alcohol as a consolation prize.