Tomorrow, the Big Brother: CELEBRITY HIJACK housemates will be the victims of a food-related prank- chosen by viewers.

Those watching the show could have chosen to fill the contestants' sugar bowl with salt or replacing the coffee with gravy granules.

However, 38 per cent of the audience opted to load the house's jam with hot chillies.

The aftermath of the practical joke can be seen over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the housemates had a fun-filled day yesterday as comedian JIMMY CARR took over the role of BIG BROTHER.

The EIGHT OUT OF TEN CATS presenter set the housemates the difficult task of ranking their fellow contestants in order of looks, intelligence and talent.

The housemates then had to guess everybody's overall ranking to win a luxury three course meal.

Some of the talented youngsters were offended by their scores, with Calista saying: "I can't believe I was ugly and not very intelligent."

"I was good looking and talented but I was dumb," added Emilia.

The housemates were also the victim of another practical joke as Jimmy asked them to line-up in the garden and guess what order they were in.

But the funnyman just left them stranded as he made his escape from the BIG BROTHER booth.

25/01/2008 11:41:58