Big Brother CELEBRITY HIJACK housemate Emilia is devastated after nominations revealed that both her brother and potential love interest are up for eviction.

Jeremy and Victor were both up for nomination alongside beauty queen Jade, with Victor receiving a mammoth nine nominations from his housemates.

In a private conversation with racing driver Jeremy, Emilia said: "You two are my boys, who am I going to cook for."

Jeremy attempted to cheer her up by saying: "Just put it in the bin straight away."

The beautiful circus performer also speculated that other housemates may have nominated Jeremy because they are jealous of his talent as a racing driver.

However, modest Jeremy dismissed this saying that people would vote out people they don’t like.

He added that he thought Jade would survive the nominations because "There's nothing to dislike about Jade...there's more to dislike about me."

Jeremy received the least nominations of all the potential evictees, with four of the housemates putting him up to face the public vote.

Calista, Jade, Latoya and Liam all voted against the gifted youngster because they feel he joins Victor in speaking badly to the girls.

Meanwhile, former Celebrity Big Brother contestant and racing pundit John Mccririck will be the celebrity hijacker putting contestant through their paces today.

09/01/2008 11:46:59