The housemates from the hell section of the Big Brother house have won a baking task and Mikey has been named the new head of house.

The task involved housemates from the heaven and hell parts of the house baking cakes in the shape of famous London landmarks.

Rachel got to choose which buildings the housemates had to make, deciding the heavenly contestants should recreate St Paul's Cathedral and those from hell should make the Millennium Dome.

After a few hours of baking, Rachel was called into the diary room and told she must choose a winner based on appearance and taste.

In judging the cakes, she told the housemates from hell that their Dome cake was "beautiful" and those from heaven that their St Paul's looked "outstanding".

In the end she picked hell's cake claiming it tasted better and as a result Mikey was chosen as the new head of house.

In a twist, Mikey was then handed an envelope by Big Brother which told the housemates to switch sides of the house, with those from the heaven section moving into hell and vice versa.

11/08/2008 00:01:00