Gerry and Nicky face eviction on Friday after receiving four votes each in this week's round of nominations.

Following on from last week's 'fake eviction', which saw Charley voted out and then put straight back in, it was back to the normal format for Big Brother.

However, the male housemates did have a somewhat less ordinary experience after Liam and Ziggy initiated 'naked nominations'.

A naked Liam was one of the housemates who nominated Nicky, saying that she was the "sneakiest" of all the housemates.

"Not nice to be around at times and not really a positive person," Liam said about his fellow housemate.

"She'll have an argument that I'll overhear and then, when I'm outside, she'll tell her side of the story and it's completely different and she'll make it that she's come out smelling of roses," he concluded.

Ziggy, who had only one nomination because of a rule break, also nominated Nicky and like Liam suggested that she was "sneaky".

"I don't get along with her, we have nothing in common and I find her [a] very sneaky person in the house," the former boyband member said.

Once again, after seven rounds of nominations so far in the series, twins Sam and Amanda picked up no nominations.

The live eviction will be shown on Channel 4 on Friday at 20:30 and 21:30.

17/07/2007 11:13:31