Freddie has quit smoking.

The Oxford University graduate - who has smoked throughout his time in the 'Big Brother' house - has announced he is giving up the habit, much to the anger of his fellow contestants as they were compiling this week's shopping list.

Upon hearing his decision, Lisa and Bea privately criticised Freddie (Halfwit), claiming he will still be smoking everyone else's cigarettes.

Bea said: "I'm still going to ask him to buy a packet. If he doesn't I'll be so cross and that'll show him up to be... well, he thinks he's a gentleman. I got through five packets in three weeks and then he says he's giving up. I wish he'd said that a few weeks ago."

Lisa agreed with Bea accusing Freddie of taking everyone else's cigarettes without ever giving any back.

The shaven-headed lesbian - who has clashed with self-professed bohemian Bea on several occasions - said: "Money doesn't buy everything. Unfortunately, you can't put manners on the shopping list.

"If my mum was watching me and I was smoking everyone's cigarettes and not giving any back she'd wonder who she brought me up."

Freddie and Marcus are both up for eviction this Friday (14.08.09).