Five new housemates are set to enter the 'Big Brother' house tonight (17.07.09).

Producers are keen to spice up the Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall reality show, so are sending in five fresh faces, including a Muslim fashion designer, a camp northerner, a rugby-playing Tory a jet-setting Playboy and a polyamory (having multiple lovers) practicing bohemian.

The newcomers will be introduced to the house by host Davina Mccall after tonight's eviction which will see one housemate - either Karly, Noirin, Sophie (Dogface) or Siavash - exit the show, leaving eight contestants in the house.

Host of spin off show 'Big Brother's Little Brother', George Lamb said: "All the girls will be getting excited about the Playboy, I know Kris was worried when he came out we were going to send another fit guy in there. Well, it's come true Krissy, maybe you're going to get a run for your money with old Dogface (Sophie).

"And maybe there'll be sparks between the camp northerner and Charlie?

"Also, a bohemian polygamist will be right up Freddie's street. And a Muslim fashion designer - another fashionista, Siavash is going to get a little uncomfortable I imagine."

The present contestants have already discussed the prospect of new housemates entering and are convinced it will happen soon.

Charlie had predicted Big Brother would bring two lads and one girl who was "really beautiful".