Marcus thinks the female contestants in the 'Big Brother' house fancy him.

The superhero obsessed window fitter told fellow housemate Cairon that he reckons the girls have been trying it on with him.

He said in the early hours of this morning: "I don't know but they touch me [points to his leg] and it's a bit too... You know.

"I think I have done the right thing so that they know how far they can go."

Glamour model Sophie - officially known as Dogface, as she had to change her name to ensure her place in the house - let Marcus poke her size 30GG breast implants on Sunday (07.06.09) with his index finger, which appeared to excite him greatly.

Marcus' charm does, however, leave more than a little to be desired. Yesterday Sree criticised him for adjusting himself in full view of the housemates.

Sree exclaimed: "Stop itching your willy man with your dress!"

To which Marcus jokingly replied: "I'm not, all I'm doing is wiping all the crust and cheese off."

This prompted Lisa to say: "I'm so glad I'm a lesbian."