This Friday's Big Brother live eviction will be extended to facilitate six new housemates set to enter the house.

As Charley and Tracey begin to get nervous ahead of their eviction night, the other housemates are in for an even bigger shock.

A mixture of men and women will be added to the house, but only one will be allowed to become a fully-fledged housemate.

Big Brother has hinted that the usual blend of twists and surprises will ensue as the new housemates try and settle in.

The situation echoes that of earlier Big Brother shows which have seen housemates added to another house and a 'Secret Garden'.

One lucky participant has then made it into the actual house to compete for the £100,000 prize money.

Meanwhile, the existing housemates can look forward to a luxury shopping budget next week after passing their newsreader task.

Message from family members were also passed on by Big Brother, although they contained no details of the outside world and offered only emotional support.

The live eviction can be seen tomorrow on Channel 4 at 20:30 BST followed by an extended edition at 22:00 BST.

26/07/2007 11:40:55