JADE GOODY, blamed for the sliding ratings of this year's CELEBRITY Big Brother, has so far provided some of the more entertaining moments.

The girl from Bermondsey has won fans over before with her brilliantly absurd questions and phrases, such as the memorable "Where's East Angular? Ain't that abroad?" and debating the links between chick peas and chickens.

But this week in the CBB house, not only Jade but her boyfriend JACK TWEEDY outdid themselves in the "utter nonsense" stakes. BIG BROTHER asked each housemate to prepare a question for them to answer  it could be on anything they wanted  and, naturally, Jade's question was straight out of the Goody school of disconnected thought.

Looking genuinely troubled by the prospect of only being able to ask one question, Jade admitted she knew nothing about Eskimos and reeled off a string of questions to help her understand them more.

They ranged from where they were buried after death: "what happens, do they just go into an Ice Cube and go underwater?" to Eskimo migration: "I've never heard of a plane or boat or form of transport full of Eskimos coming over here to live"  and she even used her time to make a plea to any Eskimos living in London to meet up for a chat to explain things.

Later that night, Jade then proceeded to claim SHILPA SHETTY was "not being genuine"  possibly one of the worst things one housemate could say to another in the house where everyone is "just being themselves".

Quite apart from losing viewers, Jade and her Jadeisms may yet save CBB's ailing ratings.

16/01/2007 10:38:19