Big Brother housemates are doing everything they can to prevent Kathreya taking over their social agenda – even preferring silence to her ideas.

The bubbly Thai's amazing ideas for a fun Saturday night in included a cookie party and playing a "game" to alleviate boredom.

Her ideas were slapped down by Rex, who – obviously grumpy at losing his love Nicole in Friday night's eviction – said the key was that "the more we do, the less Big Brother does for us".

A failed spaghetti task was the cause of the problem. And with only five cans of cider between them to alleviate the tedium – none of which were actually kept thanks to militant action by Rex – things were getting desperate.

A silent protest was the answer. His demands that the group remain mute and "unentertaining for at least 30 minutes" were partially met, although fits of giggles ruined its effect somewhat.

Despite this Rex remains fully control of the house. Later that night in bed, Rex said: "Goodnight Darnell."

Darnell responded: "Goodnight puppet master."

25/08/2008 10:04:49