'Big Brother' contestants had their first challenge set by the house's bird Davina McCaw today (16.07.10).

The housemates were warned that the bird would recite words one contestant had said during their time in the house - and they would have to then guess who had said them.

While the housemates discussed what they expected the mysterious creature to say, it came to life.

Davina McCaw chirped to the group: "A word that comes to mind about her is rough. A word that comes to mind about her is rough."

John James was the first to realise housemate Caoimhe had uttered the words when she was talking about fellow housemate Corin.

The pretty Irish DJ was then given a letter from Bob Righter which read: "Here is a prize that will go up in smoke." The housemates were then rewarded with 60 cigarettes which fell into the compound.

Davina McCaw is not the only housemate to be making a lot of noise in the house today.

Former serviceman Steve has been scolded by his housemates for keeping them awake all night due to his record level snoring.

Australian housemate John James, told the ex-serviceman: "You were on fire last night, Steveo. That was an all time record!"

While some housemates were able to laugh off their lack of sleep, Ben was annoyed because he's been struggling to nod off over the past few days.