David wants a tattoo of the 'Big Brother' logo.

The 28-year-old fashion lover says the programme has become "his life" and he wants to show his dedication by getting the famous eye motif inked onto his bum.

He said: "The show's my life and to be part of it is f****** amazing.

"You see that eye, I'm having tattooed on my backside. That's how much it means to me."

The recycled clothes sorter also spoke of his love for Vivienne Westwood and showed off the tattooed tribute to the fashion designer he has etched on his neck.

He explained : "She's a fashion designer in England and she means to the world to me, so I got a tattoo of it.

"She's like 70-odd and she's like my God. I'm not religious. I'm a Catholic. I've been christened when I was little and that, but she's my world. She's had such an exceptional life and when I put her clothes on, I almost feel like I'm her."