David has avoided eviction by winning 'Big Brother's 'Save and Replace' task.

The Welsh Christian minister originally received the most nominations from his fellow housemates - alongside aspiring actress Shabby and medical student Sunshine - but chose Irish student Caoimhe to take his place in the public vote this Friday (02.07.10) after winning the special task.

The three original nominees had to complete giant-sized puzzles of their faces. David completed his first, saving himself from the threat of eviction.

However, the news that she is now facing the public vote didn't go down well with Caoimhe.

She said: "I knew it! You said you loved me the other day in the storeroom!"

The 39-year-old explained he had to pick between two people, which he said "sucked" and felt "horrible".

Later in the day, when David was lying in the 'Big Brother' bedroom with posh Londoner Ben, he confessed that although he was happy to be staying in the house for another week, he had regrets about choosing Caoimhe to face the public vote.

He said: "I made a mistake by picking Caroline."

However, Ben reassured him: "Always go for your first instincts, always."