David is automatically up for nomination in this week's 'Big Brother'.

The Christian minister has been told he will automatically become a nominated housemate and has been banned from choosing others this week, after he was scorned for discussing the voting process with his fellow contestants last night (25.07.10).

It is not known whether he will to take part in this week's 'Save and Replace' task with the other nominees this week, where he will have to fight for the chance to keep his place in the house safe, or if he will be straight up for eviction.

Housemates are being called into the Diary Room one by one today (26.07.10), where they will each give the names of the two people they most want to go.

David is not the only housemate who can't vote today.

Newcomers Jo, JJ and Laura have also been banned from voting and other housemates cannot nominate them either.

Discussing the impending eviction, Andrew joked with his pals that they wouldn't want to vote for him, unless they want to see his "nasty" side.

He said: "I would turn into a nasty person, you don't wanna see that guy again."

Yesterday (25.07.10), the geeky housemate was set his own special task by the Tree of Temptation, who instructed him to act like '24' hardman Jack Bauer for 24 minutes, whilst completing secret tasks.

After successfully finishing his mission - which included him calling housemates "sons of b*****s" and shouting "damn it" - Andrew was rewarded by a special prize of champagne and strawberries, which were fed to him by three girls in bikinis in the Diary Room.