The Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack contestants took the guise of an R 'n' B star last night after Bo' Selecta star Leigh Francis took control on the show.

The 11 remaining contestants were transformed into the Channel 4 comedy's Craig David character after being summoned to the storeroom to collect their Bo' Selecta masks, glasses, beanie hat, denim jacket and jeans.

"I haven't been around for a while and now this is my chance to be everywhere," Francis told the group while in the guise of the Seven Days star.

While fashion designer Jay Wilson enjoyed the task, calling it "absolutely ridiculous and super-silly", rising R 'n' B star Nathan Fagan-Gale was less impressed, adding: "Next time I see Craig [David] he's gonna be p***ed."

But racing driver Jeremy Metcalfe - facing eviction this week - swiftly quietened Nathan, stating: "Stop talking about him [Craig David] like you know him."

With all 11 contestants assembled in the living area, clad in their Craig David costumes, the hijacker explained the task involving learning his song Soda Pop as well as caring for Kes, the bird of prey puppet that stars alongside Leigh Francis in the Bo 'Selecta sketches.

"You've got to walk like me, talk like me, sing like me, generally just be me," he added.

Though the contestants managed to perform the song, they were less successful in caring for Kes and failed the task.

"I'm sorry," Francis said as Craig. "Kes said you failed the task because she hurt her toe.

"But I'm not as mean as her, I'm giving you a consolation prize, if you go to the Diary Room there is all the sweet chilli sauce you could want."

It was reported yesterday that the housemates may face a double eviction this week, with a Channel 4 source allegedly telling the Daily Star: "BB wants to liven things up a bit and change the dynamic of the group. And what better way than to get rid of a few more of them?"

Circus performer Victor Arata is up for eviction for the second week running, after being nominated for failing the SAS task, while celebrity hijacker Joan Rivers selected Victor's sister Emilia, internet entrepreneur Liam Young and Jeremy to also face the public vote this Friday.

17/01/2008 09:53:27