Corin and Mario were upset after being branded "false" and "a sore loser" by the other 'Big Brother' housemates during a task.

Speaking after the word puzzle challenge - in which the group were given clues by Davina McCaw - the Katie Price-lookalike admitted she was annoyed when John James insisted the answer to the question "JJ said that Corin is what?" had to be "false."

As Corin worried that the hunky Australian was having a go at her Mario tried to reassure her.

He said: "The whole thing is ironic because that makes him false, if he's trying to imply that you're false... I wouldn't worry too much about it."

Mario was also upset that Josie had said that he was "devastated" after not winning the pantomime horse task, and was annoyed that the group had branded him a "sore loser."

In addition to winning a Thai green curry, the housemates were also presented with a giant Jenga puzzle to play with as a reward for passing Davina McCaw's task.

However Sam swiftly annoyed the other housemates during The Game by continually shouting advice.

"Just do it fast. Do it like you're kind of ripping a plaster off. Rip the plaster off! Rip the plaster off! Rip the plaster off!"

Corin snapped back: "I'll rip your head off in a minute."

When Sam complained to Josie that no one listened to him, she had little sympathy for the graffiti artist.

She replied: "There's no point playing a game with you because you want to tell people how to take their turn all the time."