The 'Big Brother' housemates failed their 'circus' task.

The final part of the circus tasks took place yesterday with strongmen and strong woman Marcus, Siavash and Noirin pulling a four ton truck 25 metres.

When presented with the challenge, brash muscleman Marcus - who has previously ripped a telephone directory in half on the show - said it would be no problem and he "could pull it with my b**l end".

Although the team managed to complete the truck pull, they failed the strongman task overall because Marcus and Noirin had failed to complete ten miles of walking earlier in the day.

The housemates had fared better earlier in the day when Karly and Kris had passed their tightrope walking task.

Freddie (Halfwit), however, turned out to be less than a natural when it came to paint throwing, hitting none of his targets but managing to burst a paint balloon in Sophie's face. Lisa and Rodrigo also failed their seductive fan dance task, meaning the housemates have failed the 'Circus' challenge overall and will have to live on a basic food budget for the next seven days.