Charlie will not nominate any housemates for eviction from 'Big Brother' this week.

As part of the Reality TV house's present 'Tudor' task, Siavash - who has been given the role of King Henry VIII in honour of the 16th century monarch's 580th birthday today (23.06.09)- wields power over the other housemates.

He has been told By Big Brother he can take away the power of nomination from any housemate he chooses, and has so far has selected Charlie to loose his vote.

The former Mr Gay UK contestant appeared incredibly happy with Siavash's decision, and may be even happier tomorrow, as the housemates will reportedly have to nominate live on TV, in front of each other - although they have not been told this.

Meanwhile Siavash, who has been receiving instructions privately from Big Brother, yesterday told his housemates they had to refer to him as 'your majesty' or they would risk losing the task.

This morning (23.06.09) he house was further informed that they weren't displaying due respect as loyal subjects, and a new rule has been passed by Big Brother. Now, every time a fanfare is played into the house every housemate apart from the king must stand up straight and to attention.

Siavash reminded his housemates: "I can do whatever I want to you guys," before turning to Sree and adding: "Remember that carrot yesterday that didn't go up your a**e?"