'Ultimate Big Brother' star Chantelle has vowed to tell Preston how she feels about him, after getting advice from Victor.

However the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner - who fell in love with The Ordinary Boys singer on the show in 2006, and married him later that year before splitting in 2007 -said she will wait until the pair have left the house.

Responding to Victor's offer to tell Preston about her feelings she said: "I beg you, please don't. Please don't talk about it. Victor, I'm begging you. I don't want Preston to know how I feel. I don't think it's fair on him to know in here."

However after self-confessed villain Victor admitted he was "rooting" for the couple, Chantelle revealed her plans to confess her feelings for her ex-husband, telling Brian and Ulrika that she was ready to take the plunge.

She explained: "I just need to get it off my chest. I think I've been so scared of shutting off and not showing people how I feel... I've been in the Diary Room and been really upset about it and then I walk out and, like, try to act perfectly normal in front of him.

"I've realised that you don't have to be ashamed of how you're feeling."

Despite his apparent support for Chantelle, Victor has claimed 'Ultimate Big Brother' bosses have fixed the programme so that Chantelle will win.

Victor and the show's other villain, 'Nasty' Nick have complained that the former couple's drama is giving her more screen time and an edge with viewers.

Victor complained: "By putting Chantelle and Preston in together they set up a storyline right away. And it's worked. She's bang on him."

Nick added: "She only won last time because of the Preston thing. I'm afraid Chantelle has a brain the size of a sparrow's kneecap. She isn't a winner in my eyes."