Former Big Brother housemate Chanelle, who walked away from the house, is planning to launch a music career.

The Victoria Beckham look-alike, who is now sporting a new haircut, became the third contestant to voluntarily leave the competition after housemates and a psychologist failed to convince her to stay.

The Sun reports that the 19-year-old has already written her first song and is looking to capitalise on her time in the spotlight.

The blonde's mother, Christine, told the Sun: “I saw her old music teaCher last week and he told me about a song Chanelle wrote about three years ago.

"He said it is really good — and if she wants to do something with the song, he will help her with it."

She added that Chanelle had a gift for music and was "always singing at home".

Chanelle, who was involved in an on-off relationship with former boyband member Ziggy, told the Big Brother website that she didn’t regret her decision to leave the house.

"Yes, I think I did the right thing. I'm sad to leave a few of the people in the house, but I'm happy I walked because I think it was the best decision for me."

"I'm great, I'm really happy to be out - I'm just having a really fun time, I'm getting to see my family and friends and things," she added.

03/08/2007 07:39:52