Big Brother's big romance came to an earth-shattering end yesterday evening as Ziggy finally dumped Chanelle  before embarking on a prolonged kissing session later on.

The pair have been on the rocks for a while, with Ziggy expressing concern about the future of their relationship.

Rumours within the house about Chanelle flirting with Billi appear to have pushed Ziggy over the edge, causing him to finally finish it for good  apparently - yesterday evening.

Leading the 19-year-old out into the garden after receiving encouragement from Carole, he did the deed after a day full of crisis talks.

"A lot of people have been talking and saying they think you fancy Billi. That's not the real reason why. I just think you need to be freed up and I don't wanna be bringing you down," he said.

"If there's something there then we'll carry on after, but I'm not gonna get you hurt on this show and I don't wanna be hurt on this show. I don't want people talking about me behind my back."

Chanelle was less than impressed by her being unceremoniously rejected.

"Can I go in now?" she asked.

Meanwhile Billi was becoming understandably concerned about Ziggy's reaction to his shenanigans with Chanelle.

He admitted he was part of a "love triangle" before hastily taking the term back in conversation with Nicky last night.

"People have been telling me not to worry about this whole thing, but I think it's going to cause problems for me, getting on his [Ziggy's] wrong side. I haven't done anything."

Nothing apart from flirting in the bedroom and showering together, you love-fiend.

Nocturnal developments appear to have defused the situation's dramatic potential somewhat, however.

Billi appears to have become distracted by snuggling Amanda, while Ziggy and Chanelle's under-the-cover antics made a mockery of their earlier split.

"I don't want anything to change, really I don't," he told her, before they carried on with their usual petting and kissing as if nothing had happened at all.

Whether they have really split up for good remains to be seen. From the look of things, it seems we can look forward to some good wholesome emotional turmoil between the pair in the next few days.

22/06/2007 12:40:57